Chronic Esacapist (aquarium_dreams) wrote in a_b_s_t_r_a_c_t,
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She cries spiders *-critique please!-*

She cries spiders
Unlike the girls who traded love for silence
Her curses always worth their weight in gold
Tears bite poisoned
Her strength to never be in tower prisoned
A sorrow web spun silken
A mother's terror
Born both eyes arachnid weeping
A leggy crowd accompanying her wail
It tugs the heart strings
The world does strain to not displease her
Yet when she cries she always cries alone
And who would hold her?
Dress a capture net, terrible, untearable
Though she looks so lovely
When the morning dew catches
In her dress and on her cobwebbed cheeks
Dew and spider tears mingle in the dawn.
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