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abstract art for abstract minds...

one act plays with exclamation points after mundane words

for the artistic.
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todd (rick moranis) (the_euphemist)
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& caitlin (kofi annan) (filmstars)

01; post artwork, photos, poetry. anything. if you choose to post something thats not your own, please credit the artist.
02; dont promote your shit. i seriously cant say that enough. do it, and youll be shunned like heather for saying will smith movies "arent that bad".
03; when you post something, please realize that you are giving people the right to state their opinion. please dont complain if someone insults something youve posted. while the mods encourage everyone to be nice, it can be hard to enforce. for the good of us all, PLEASE dont make a post about how someone made fun of something you posted. well probably just laugh.
04; "reality is the only word in the english language that should be put in quotes."
05; have fun & be creative. try and be nice. you know, the usual bit.
06; please, advertise for this community after you join, but make sure its ok with the community first. we dont want to be hypocrites.
07; you do not post 'pictures' on this community. they are photographs. uncultured trash.
08; too much html gives us headaches, try to keep it to a minimum.